Zambia Safaris, two Kings, a Scout and a Knight!

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The Rhythms of Safari

As with most things in life, when one is in tune with one’s surroundings, or feeling the rhythm of something, whatever it is becomes much more meaningful.

Take jazz for example; until one understands the tempo and rhythm of different … Read the rest

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“When is the Best Time?”


So often, when someone is thinking of going on safari they’ll ask, “When is the best time to go?”

With a chuckle I always answer, “The time that best suits you!”

No-one likes that answer. They think I’m being … Read the rest

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“Is it Dangerous?

“The question I get asked most often by anyone thinking of going on safari is, “Is it dangerous?”

Americans are mostly unfamiliar with Africa, as other than Liberia, America doesn’t have much of an historical colonial connection with Africa, unlike … Read the rest

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