Far from the Madding Crowd in Namibia

Far from the Madding Crowd in Namibia

To be by yourself, surrounded by 60,000 hectares of private wildlife reserve, is an experience in itself. Add in the fact that the reserve borders Namibia’s famous Etosha National Park, sharing a 65 kilometer boundary, means seeing all the wildlife that Etosha has to offer without the crowds.

I had just taken a short flight from the nearby remote Skeleton Coast and landed at Natural Selection’s luxury Safarihoek lodge in the Etosha Heights Private Reserve.

Take off Skeleton Coast Namibia

Landing Etosha Heights Namibia








And this was our traditional African welcome at the Safarihoek Lodge:

Safarihoek Welcome








Our days were then spent game viewing without seeing another vehicle or person as we roamed the Private Reserves 60,000 hectares.

Lioness Etosha Heights

Lion Kill Etosha Heights








And then when we stopped for the traditional African sundowner, Nico, our Himba guide, told us about the culture of the Himba, one of several indigenous tribal people living in Namibia.

Sundowner Etosha Heights


























As the sun set on the vast expanse of the Etosha Heights Private Reserve we marveled at how we had again, as at the Skeleton Coast, seemingly stepped off our frenzied earth for a brief moment.

Sun Setting Etosha Heights

Elephants Retiring for the Night Etosha Heights








Back at Safarihoek Luxury Lodge dinner by candlelight awaited us, along with entertainment from the staff, singing the praises of a liqueur made from an African wild fruit. You can sample it here in the US by going to your favorite beverage store and asking for a bottle of Amarula. Drink it with your coffee or neat with ice, and imagine you are sitting in Africa, watching the sun set on the place from which we are all said to have originated, and feels like home.

Dinner by Candlelight Safarihoek

In Praise of Amarula








Please give me a call if you want to learn more about a safari to Namibia, the location of the world’s oldest desert with desert adapted wildlife.

Kalani bwino (all the best)

Safari Jim


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