It’s Not Too Late to Plan a Custom Safari for 2023

It’s Not Too Late to Plan a Custom Safari for 2023

In case you haven’t heard safaris are booming!

Safari lodges are filling up and everyone it seems is going on safari in 2023.

A custom safari takes a lot of planning as we find those places that others tend to miss. And as a result those hidden places are not crowded and make for a unique experience.

Take for example a visit to Soweto in Johannesburg, South Africa. Many safaris include Soweto in their itinerary. But they drive through looking out the bus windows. Some stop to look at Nelson Mandela’s simple brick built house. The famous Statesman, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, lived in Soweto before becoming a political activist.

Nelson Mandela House in Soweto

At Holden Safaris we take you deeper. The majority of homes in Soweto, a sprawling shanty town of over a million people, are small tin houses, all squashed together with no obvious town planning.

Johannesburg Soweto House

We take you inside those tiny one room houses where the owners proudly show us how they live. A small house has to be kept neat and tidy with everything in its place. The image below is of the bedroom.


And the one below is of the kitchen:

Soweto House Kitchen

A closer inspection of the bedroom and kitchen images shows they’re in the same one small room!

One of the most moving experiences of being on safari is learning and seeing how other cultures live. We see the simple life we sometimes yearn for when our modern developed world gets too loud and stressful.

Come and meet the gentle, warm people of Soweto on a custom safari designed just for you by Holden Safaris.

Hamba Kahle (let’s go in Zulu)

Safari Jim

Jim Holden on Safari

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