on Safari during the Great Migration
Mfuwe Lodge, Zambia

Postpone or Cancel?

George Karau professional guide, Kenya.
George Karau professional guide, Kenya.

A very big thank-you to all those with safaris booked to travel through June of 2020, who have elected not to cancel but to postpone to similar dates in 2021.

Several heartfelt letters have been received from lodge operators in Africa, saying how much this means to them and gives them a chance of continuing to meet their obligations, in protecting Africa’s unique wildlife and its people living in remote areas.

If we all cancelled our safaris during this pandemic, the outlook for Africa’s wildlife and people would be even more bleak than the devastation being caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Thank-you for your support of our industry. When you finally get to take your safari, you’ll feel proud, that by postponing, you helped the safari industry survive the pandemic.

Safari Jim


Jim Holden on Safari

"Jambo" and welcome to Holden Safaris, a boutique and exclusive safari operator, based in Newport Beach, California.

I'm Jim Holden and I'm here to help you plan an authentic and unforgettable safari. I’m taking you back home, because Africa is where we all originate from. Don’t be surprised if you start crying as you feel a life-changing connection to the natural world around you. Click on the video above and learn  "Why Use Holden Safaris."

Africa is a place of wonder, and just like my ancestors who arrived in South Africa in the 1820s I want to share my passion for the authentic Africa with you.

Take a look at the sample safaris below to give you some ideas.  Click through to our online itineraries.  Then let me know what appeals to you.  Please call me at 949-500-0094. 

“Step back into Africa.”

As we say in Swahili, Safari Njema, travel well.
Asante Sana,
Safari Jim


Beguiling Botswana

Adventurous travellers seeking a truly remote African safari will be thrilled to discover it in central Botswana. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the second largest game reserve in the world and one of the least visited, nothing can prepare you for the sheer wonder of exploring this vast reserve with its wild, untouched beauty.  Combine it with the amazing Okavango Delta and Linyanti Concessions and you've got an unforgettable experience. 

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