Eight Days Traveling on the Surface of the Moon

Eight Days Traveling on the Surface of the Moon

Eight Days Traveling on the Surface of the Moon.


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to experience walking on the moon you don’t have to wait for Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos’ moon shot.

You can visit Namibia as I just did!

The capital city of Namibia, Windhoek, is a short plane ride from Cape Town.

Walking in the world’s oldest desert, or staring out to an angry sea, from probably the world’s most forbidding coastline in the aptly named Skeleton Coast, one feels removed from the world we know.

It seems there can be no life in this desolate landscape. And yet, unbelievably, there is!

Along the fog shrouded Skeleton Coast are enormous seal colonies numbering in their thousands.

And in the Namib Desert are desert adapted elephants, giraffes, and it’s claimed, the largest population of free ranging Black Rhino in Africa.

Elephants in Hoanib Valley, Namibia

Giraffe in Hoanib Valley

If you decide to join the rhino researchers on a walk you’ll have to be briefed on how to handle a charging black rhino weighing over a ton!

It’s quite simple really. As rhino have excellent hearing but poor eyesight simply pick up a few rocks. Throw some to your left and some to your right. The sound of the falling rocks will confuse the rhino which will stop its charge not being sure of where you are standing. Thankfully, on this trip, I didn’t have to put this theory to the test!

Black Rhino, Namibia

For those who like a hike try climbing the highest sand dunes of any desert in the world. From the top you can see to the ends of the earth!

The Highest Sand Dunes in the world

And if all this activity is too tiring for you there’s a comfortable tent with bed and bathroom to retire to for the night.

Hoanib Valley Tent

The stillness of the night, and dark sky, where you can see the stars like nowhere else on earth, will make you feel you have left earth and gone to the moon!

If you haven’t been to Namibia and would like to know more please give me a call.

Kalani bwino (stay well)


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