What is a Safari

A Safari is like no other vacation! A safari is on everyone’s bucket list. At some point in your life you have to visit the place from which all mankind originates. It is not uncommon for visitors to Africa to be overcome with emotion, observing the wildlife of Africa, living as it did at the time of our ancestors. There is a feeling of coming home.

Being on safari means following the natural rhythm of the animals. Up at sunrise to witness the dawn and observe the animals as they start their day. Retiring to relax in the comfort of the lodge during the heat of the day. And then once again, venturing forth to observe the animals preparing to bed down for the night. After which we similarly retire to the lodge, for a sumptuous meal, under the stars. The day ends, with story telling around the fire, before turning in for the night ourselves. We are lulled to sleep by the night music of Africa, lions calling, hyenas cackling and the peaceful grunting of hippos, as they feed on the banks of the river.