Welcome to Our New Holden Safaris Blog

Welcome to Our New Holden Safaris Blog

We are so happy to welcome you to our new and exciting Holden Safaris blog, where we guarantee you’ll step off the beaten path.

If you’ve never been on a safari, we understand that you have specific questions and perhaps some concerns about traveling to Africa. That’s why our blog is different; we encourage you to ask all your burning questions related to experiencing Africa with all it’s majestic beauty and wildlife. We plan to share our passion and get you excited to travel on one of our authentic and exceptional safaris.

What makes Holden Safaris different:

You get the “personal touch” from our team based in Newport Beach, California, as well as our experts based in Southern and Eastern Africa.

If you visit our office in Newport Beach, you will meet our President, Jim Holden, known as the “Crocodile Dundee” of Africa.  Ask him about any country in Eastern or Southern Africa, and Africa comes alive in front of your eyes. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his years of living in Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya, combined with his in-depth knowledge of safaris guarantees an exquisite safari experience based on your needs.

Warning: Jim Holden likes to (talk) share his passion and love for Africa with you through story-telling, so we encourage you to schedule enough time when you visit us to plan your safari. You’re in for a treat with our amazing state-of-the-art, visual, sample itineraries, which give you a sense of how Holden Safaris customizes its safaris to fit your needs.

Maybe it’s time for you to fall in love with Africa and experience adventure and romance just like in the movie, Out of Africawith Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, which was filmed in Kenya. We can take you there!

We want to hear from you, so please don’t skim through our blog posts. We want you to engage with our team and ask us questions. We share stories, YouTube videos, and lots of pictures, and plan to inspire you to interact with our team of experts and ask all your burning questions related to going on one of our authentic and exceptional safaris. Let’s start the conversation by asking you the following questions:

Do you have any of the following concerns about going on an African safari?

  • Do you worry about your safety? If so, what are your concerns?

Recent clients returned from a Holden Safari in South Africa, Botswana and Victoria Falls, listen to their testimonia regarding their safety.

  • Do you know where you want to go on Safari?
  • Do you want to know the best time to see the wildlife migration?
  • Did you feel well taken care of by the guides and staff?
  • Do you need help deciding where to go with small children or teenagers?
  • Do you prefer authentic African lodges, or “Four Seasons” style lodges?
  • Do you want to see photos of the lodges before you decide where you want to stay?
  • What is the food like?
  • What other activities are available?
  • What animals are you going to see on your game drive?
  • What is the difference between an early morning game drive and a night-time game drive?
  • Where should you go if you’re interested in animal conservation and interacting with the local communities and schools?
  • In one word, how would you describe your Safari experience?

Why book with Holden Safaris?

Because we want you to have the best experience, and our team cares about giving you that exquisite, custom safari just the way you want it. How can we do that? Because Jim has a close network of family, friends and strong bonds with lodge owners and local travel experts throughout the safari regions of Africa. This network enables him to plan and deliver authentic and exceptional safaris.

So please ask as many questions as you like in the comments section below. I’m Sonia Marsh, in charge of blogging, and helping you get the answers to your questions. I’m off to the Indaba conference in Durban, South Africa, starting on May 16th-18th. After that Jim Holden, Vivienne Holden and myself, will check out lodges, go on game drives and learn about wildlife conservation in the Kwazulu Natal Province of South Africa.

We shall post photos on the blog, and our Holden Safaris FaceBook Page, on Twitter @HoldenSafaris so please make sure you follow us.

Thanks from our Holden Safaris Team.

Sonia Marsh, Author and Blogger.



  1. Laureline Orsetti on May 12, 2017 at 10:08 am

    Amazing Team You Have!
    Extraordinary Adventures You Offer!
    Very Impressive!

    • Sonia Marsh on June 1, 2017 at 2:25 pm

      Thank you Laureline for your nice comment. I hope you sign up for our weekly blog updates on the side-bar. Sonia.

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  3. Charla Spence on June 4, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    Sonia, your gifts of writing and love for people and adventure will take you far. Holden Safaris are lucky to have you…best of luck!

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