An Emotional Description of the Beauty of Kenya and its People


The Peoples of Africa

Women travel with a Purpose Safari visiting the Masai


Most folks going to Africa for a safari are mainly thinking about wildlife and Africa’s so called Big Five, Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Cape Buffalo, and Leopard.

But what about the people?

It’s significant that the comment we see most … Read the rest

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The Big 6 on Safari!

leopard safari

Have you ever wondered where the phrase, “Big 5” comes from? Most clients will ask, when requesting a safari, “are we going to see the Big 5?”

The term is attributed to the hunters of old, who used the term … Read the rest

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The Rhythms of Safari

As with most things in life, when one is in tune with one’s surroundings, or feeling the rhythm of something, whatever it is becomes much more meaningful.

Take jazz for example; until one understands the tempo and rhythm of different … Read the rest

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