What Clothes Do I Need on Safari?

What Clothes Do I Need on Safari?

Everything I’m taking is on my bed

I’m packing for my Safari to Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, and this time, I’m getting organized; laying all the clothes on my bed, and using the convenient Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes to pack my clothes. Rootens luggage store in Newport Beach, outfitted Jim Holden and me, and their friendly staff showed us how packing for a Safari, is much easier, when you have the right gear.

Last week’s post was about luggage and accessories, and this post will show you specific Safari clothing that we found at Rootens for our upcoming trip.

4 pairs of pants rolled up in Rootens Eagle Creek Pack-it Cube.

Jim Holden and I are leaving on a two-week site inspection tour of several lodges, and are limited by the luggage we can take on the smaller planes used on internal flights in East and Southern Africa. The weight limit is 33 lbs, and I’m used to packing large suitcases, so downsizing is a must.

As usual, I’m doing everything last minute, and adrenalin is fueling my body. Fortunately, Shere from Rootens store, showed me the Crossbody Purse, for my credit cards, money, and passport, and I am transferring all my valuables into this safe bag.

Sonia with the Baggallini crossbody purse to keep valuables safe.

On long flights, (approximately 18 hours) to Nairobi, it’s important to wear compression socks as your feet and ankles swell. Shere recommended Sockwell graduated compression socks. Fast-drying underwear are a must, as women have to wash undergarments in some of the remote lodges where there are no washing machines. The staff will hand-wash your clothes, however, they do not wash women’s underwear. I have some Woolite travel soap in individual sachets. This I found at Rootens together with Exofficio Give-N-Go underwear. They also have the same fast-drying underwear for men.


The sensible colors for clothes are classic safari colors (khaki, stone, green) and muted colors that blend in well with the natural environment. Avoid black and blue, as this may attract Tsetse flies, and bright red should also be avoided. Bright colors as well as white, stand out against the muted brown and green tones of Africa. It is also not recommended to wear camouflage clothing as this could be associated with the military. 

I’m bringing all the “right” colors, and nothing flashy or bright.


Exoffico Safari Shirt

Jim Holden loves the Exoffico Safari shirt. “The color is perfect for photographic game Safaris,” he says.

He is also packing pants that you can unzip and turn into shorts when you get hot. These are the ones Jim Holden wore during his recent Safari presentation. I have the same from Rootens luggage store, for women.

Jim Holden, on right, is wearing his Rootens Exofficio pants and long-sleeved shirt, with his Tilley, “breathable” hat, all from Rootens. This was a recent Safari presentation.

We have prepared a Safari packing list together with Rootens luggage store which you can download here.

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Author: Sonia Marsh

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