How To Pack For The Best Safari Experience

How To Pack For The Best Safari Experience

If you want to have the best African Safari experience, then packing the right clothes and using the appropriate-sized luggage is crucial to your overall experience. In this post, we’ll show you the most important luggage items to take with you, and in next week’s post, we’ll discuss clothing.

Jim Holden, President of Holden Safaris, and I updated our Safari luggage, clothing and accessories last week at Rooten’s luggage store: a specialty luggage and apparel store located in our Newport Beach, California, backyard.  Next week, we’re traveling with all new gear to Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, and hope that you follow our safari adventures. Take a look at all the items we are packing for our Safari.

Backpacks, duffel bags, packing cubes, hats, inflatable pillow for the plane, folding water bottles, quick drying underwear, compression socks, travel cosmetic bag, pocket cross-body bag.


  • Types of luggage recommended on internal flights in Africa

The staff at Rooten’s luggage, were super friendly and knowledgeable. Shere and Mike both recommended the Eagle Creek brand for our backpacks and the load-warrior carry-on. I was worried about my 15.6″ Lenovo laptop not fitting in the backpack, as it looked small, but I was relieved to see how snugly it fit inside the protective case.

I’ve followed Jim Holden’s advice, as well as the luggage experts at Rooten’s luggage store, and this time, I’m traveling with two carry-on size bags: the Eagle Creek Load Warrior Carry-on with wheels, and the Eagle Creek Afar Backpack. Both of them are super light, and although I do not like the idea of having a heavy backpack on my shoulders, I like the fact that I can place the backpack onto the handle of the duffel bag.

Jim Holden with the perfect size “Eagle Creek Load Warrior Carry-on with wheels.”

So Jim Holden reminded me that we are only allowed 15 kg (33lbs) of luggage, (packed in a soft-sided duffel bag) on the small planes flying between various lodges in Africa.


  • Accessories to bring with you on Safari

Like most of my female friends, I make the mistake of packing too many clothes, shoes, and bottles of shampoo and lotions. It wasn’t until my last site inspection/safari, trip to Zambia and Zimbabwe, that I realized how few items I actually needed. So this time, I’m going to pack my money, credit cards, passport, camera, insect repellent bracelet and bandana, in my new sand-colored crossbody purse. It’s so lightweight and comfortable and I can use it everywhere; including on our early morning and evening game drives. I also like the fact that all my valuables are with me at all times.

Shere showed me a travel cosmetic bag with see through containers, and a hook on top, so you can unfold all sections and easily find your make-up, lotions and shampoos. It’s light weight and easy to use in combination with the “GoToob” 3 oz travel bottles. Another useful item we discovered at Rooten’s is in the photo on the bottom right. These may look like edible mints, but they turn into small towelettes for wiping your hands and face. All you need is to add a small amount of water, and they expand.


Last but not least, a water bottle that you can refill and clip together when not in use.Ne

Next week, I’ll show you how to pack your clothes in special packing cubes, and how to dress on Safari.

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    What a great article! Interesting, to the point and loaded with valuable info. Great blog!

    • Sonia Marsh on October 19, 2017 at 1:02 pm

      Thanks Laurie. I hope everyone can benefit from our packing tips. Glad you enjoyed it. Sonia.

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