As 2022 draws to a close it’s time to wish all our Supporters, Travel Advisors, and Clients Happy Holidays.

It’s also an opportunity to thank you all for your support in 2022, helping us to get back to some sense of normalcy, after two years of Covid.

I say “some sense of normalcy” when actually safaris are booming, and far from normal at this time of year! But in a good way of course.

The Fall 2022 Consumer Travel Sentiments study from the American Society of Travel Advisors has some interesting statistics as reported recently by Travel Weekly:

  • 77% of Americans would rather take a vacation than buy a computer, a television, a car, or other goods.
  • Despite inflation fears, Americans are not holding back on booking travel.
  • 40% of travelers are spending more on travel now than they did before the pandemic.
  • Despite inflation and a weak economy, 40% of research respondents say nothing is going to stop them from taking a vacation.
  • 70% of Americans are looking at travel as a reward for enduring the last two years of Covid and lockdown. “Revenge Travel” is the coined phrase!
  • Many Americans feel that they need a vacation, being beneficial for their mental health (80%) and well being (76%).

So there you have it! Travel as a result is booming.

And what better for one’s mental health and well being than a safari in Africa’s unique wilderness.

If any of you are thinking of taking a safari in 2023, the best advice is, “don’t delay, call me today!”

Here is some of what awaits you on a safari:

or this:

Everyday on safari is different. It’s the best tonic to refresh and rejuvenate the soul after two years of Covid!

Krismasi Njema,

Safari Jim and the team at Holden Safaris.

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