Why is Africa Booming?

Why is Africa Booming?

Africa is the place to go in 2018. It’s booming! and the lodges are filling up fast. We are already booking lodges for 2019!

So why is African tourism booming?

  • Africa is growing in popularity according to Travel Pulse. Part of this is due to several social media influencers who are striving to shine a light on Africa as a home to many worthy tourism destinations.
  • Africa is being discovered due to access, more airline connections, increasing interaction between hotels, airlines and car rental companies, and there is always an ideal location to visit year-round in East and Southern Africa.
  • Africa has so much to offer with its diverse cultures, history, wildlife and topography. Plus tourism is helping tremendously with wildlife conservation, as well as putting millions of people to work, according to Voice of America News (VOA):

How do you plan your safari?

Imagine wanting a custom kitchen remodel, but you have no background in construction, or kitchen design. What would you do?

You would probably call an expert in kitchen remodels or if you’re like me, ask one of your friends if they can recommend someone they trust.

What does this have to do with Holden Safaris? It has everything to do with designing your very own custom safari. From the minute you call us, or meet our small team and “Poppy” our resident Beagle, you will get that personal service, you don’t get from a call center.

In fact, we know the answers to almost all your questions, and we don’t need to Google them, or read the blurb from a brochure, as we don’t offer pre-planned trips that lock you in on certain dates. No, we put together a Safari based on the dates you want, and the places and activities you want to see and do. Interested in elephants and animal conservation? We’ll show you on a real map, the best places to visit. Want to see leopards? We know where to send you to maximize that experience. If seeing the massive migration is on your bucket list, we know when and where to go, although we cannot book the animals to cross the river at a specific time that fits your schedule. We could try though. If gorilla trekking is on your list, we can explain the pros and cons of Uganda versus Rwanda.

How do we know so much about Africa? Because we’ve experienced safaris ourselves, and Jim Holden, President of our super-friendly team at Holden Safaris, is more than happy to share his expertise based on over thirty years of working in the travel industry in Africa. He even speaks some local African dialects which he’ll be happy to share with you if you want to learn a few words.

Jim’s expertise and contacts all over Africa, is what differentiates Holden Safaris from the large tour operators offering pre-planned safari departures through their call center staff. We are always in touch with our partners from Cape Town to Cairo, and with our safari lodges and guides. When you travel with Holden Safaris, we keep in touch with our local ground handlers on a daily basis, making sure that you are happy and that your safari is going smoothly. We do take care of you both before, and during your safari
You won’t find many people with Jim’s great depth of local Safari knowledge, and his ability to stitch together a custom Safari that turns into a masterpiece.

For more information on how to plan your Safari, please call Jim Holden at (949) 500-0094 or e-mail Jimh@HoldenSafaris.com


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