Flying Foxes and Homecoming Elephants

Flying Foxes and Homecoming Elephants

Mfuwe Lodge Elephants Zambia

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From: Holden Safaris
A division of Boulevards of Travel, Inc.
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A Zambian Safari in November 2016

Featuring…The World’s Largest Mammal Migration

Newport Beach, CA, May 12, 2016 – Holden Safaris is leading off with a unique journey to Zambia to inaugurate its entry into the escorted safari business. The new safari company, a division of Boulevards of Travel, Inc. is headed by Jim Holden, whose family has lived in Africa for four generations. Jim is escorting Flying Foxes and Homecoming Elephants which takes travelers to his home country of Zambia November 12 – 19, 2016. Able to converse in the local language, Jim adds an extra dimension to this very special safari, by providing an in-depth perspective of life in Zambia.

Holden created this safari for just six guests, who will experience an unbelievable phenomenon that takes place deep in the forests of Central Africa for a short time in November. Giant fruit bats with three foot wingspans come in their millions to feed on the fruit trees of the Kasanka National Park in northern Zambia. They are so big they are called “flying foxes.” The African pitta is a radiantly colored bird, also known as the Jewel Thrush, and it also arrives in northern Zambia during this time of the year.


At the same time, the elephants of Mfuwe return to the lodge for the very same reason, to feed on the succulent fruit trees around the lodge. Holden explains “the matriarch of this particular family of elephants, now known as Wonky Tusk, has been bringing her family to the lodge for over 20 years. Her children, including Wellington, feel at ease when visiting the lodge. So much so that they enter the lodge in the same way as other visitors, through the main lobby!”

This unique safari takes in these three iconic African events, along with a chance to experience another of Zambia’s special offerings, the walking safari. Pioneered in Zambia, the walking safari allows a party of six, each day, to walk under the guidance of a professional safari guide. Jim says “this is not a strenuous hike, but a leisurely walk amongst the wildlife of the Luangwa National Park. Imagine walking in the shoes of early explorers like David Livingstone and more recently Teddy Roosevelt on their visits to Africa.”

Priced at $7,500 per person, based on share in double or twin accommodations, the tour is all-inclusive of accommodations, transportation within Zambia, three meals daily, local drinks from the bar, game drives, guided tours, park fees, and more.

For details, contact Jim Holden at Holden Safaris – 800-690-8728 x299 or email or