About Us


Holden Safaris is a boutique and exclusive safari operator, based in Newport Beach, California.

Jim Holden, President of Holden Safaris, is passionate about Africa, and once you meet or speak with him, you'll know why you came to Holden Safaris.

Why Holden Safaris?

Imagine wanting a custom kitchen remodel, but you have no background in construction, or kitchen design. What would you do?

You would probably call an expert in kitchen remodels or if you’re like me, (Sonia,) ask one of your friends if they can recommend someone they trust.

What does this have to do with Holden Safaris? It has everything to do with designing your very own custom safari. From the minute you call, or stop by our office in Newport Beach, you’ll get that personal service and knowledge from Jim Holden.

Jim and his team:

  • Answer all your questions and listen to your needs
  • Design your safari based on the dates you want
  • Incorporate the places and activities that interest you.
  • Guide you through the planning process
  • Design an itinerary that is fully customized to your wish-list
  • Stay within your budget.
  • Keep in touch

Jim brings Africa to you and knows how to stitch a Safari into a masterpiece.

Jim Holden

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